Professional & Financial Risks

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Professional & Financial Risks

Perry Appleton Risk Services Limited offer a full range of insurance products designed to provide essential cover for companies operating in the professional and financial risks marketplace.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Any business that provides advice, design or consultancy services in a professional capacity is likely to require cover.

We offer cover for the mainstream professions such as solicitors, estate agents and accountants to the more unusual professions. These range from specialist geologists to railway signal designers.

Directors & Officers Insurance

This product will indemnify the Director or Officer for their liability in respect of claims made against them arising from wrongful acts committed in their capacity as a Director or Officer.

Unlike a company’s liability, which could well be limited, the liabilities of directors and officers is personal – it is unlimited and cannot be contracted out of. Uninsured directors and officers therefore face the possibility of personal bankruptcy.

Other Professional & Financial Risks Insurance products include:

» Commercial Legal Expenses
» Employment Practices Liability
» Fidelity/Theft by Employee
» Surety Bonds


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